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SAfA is offering two hubs, in Nairobi (Kenya) and Ibadan (Nigeria), to increase conference access for members who are unable to travel to the United States. At these hubs, members can participate in the Houston-based conference online. Due to the time difference with the United States, hub attendees will be able to participate in events scheduled during Houston morning hours. These include the plenary talks, the business meeting, and approximately half of the sessions and roundtables. Additionally, recordings will be available to watch missed sessions online. Members will also be able to network with one another at the hubs over meals and breaks. Catering will be provided at both hubs.

Kenya Hub

The Kenyan hub will be hosted by the British Institute in Eastern Africa (BIEA) from 2 June through 5 June, with support provided by SAfA and the BIEA. Attendees should plan to find accommodations in Nairobi, as there is no lodging at the BIEA. No fee is required to attend this hub. Information and a link to register can be found here:

BIEA hub flyer

Nigeria Hub

The Nigerian hub will be hosted by the University of Ibadan from 2 June through 5 June, with support provided by SAfA and the University of Ibadan. This hub is also organizing local, in-person talks among hub attendees for the mornings in Ibadan, during hours when the conference is not occurring in Houston. Accommodation is possible on the University of Ibadan campus. A registration fee is required to attend the hub. Information about the conference and accommodations, and a link to register, can be found here:

University of Ibadan hub flyer